I am a QA Project Lead at Frontier Developments, part of a team specialising in rigorously testing the games we make. There I also founded the Compatibility Lab (CLAB), which provides up-to-the-minute technical assistance with games’ compatibility, performance, accessibility and stability.

University educated in English; have lent proofreading services to all Frontier games.

I have worked on the following games over the course of my career:

  • Elite: Dangerous (2014)
    • Elite: Dangerous Horizons (2015)
      • Planetary Landings
      • The Engineers
      • The Guardians
      • The Commanders
    • Elite: Dangerous BEYOND (2018)
      • Chapter One
      • Chapter Two
      • Chapter Three
      • Chapter Four
    • Elite Dangerous: Odyssey (2021)
  • LostWinds: The Blossom Edition (2016)
    • LostWinds
    • LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias
  • Planet Coaster (2016)
    • Planet Coaster: Back to the Future
    • Planet Coaster: Knight Rider
    • Planet Coaster: The Munsters
    • Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters
    • Spooky, Adventure & Studios Packs
    • Vintage, World’s Fair, Magnificent Rides and Classic Rides Collections
  • Jurassic World Evolution (2018)
    • Secrets of Dr. Wu
    • Claire’s Sanctuary
    • Return to Jurassic Park
    • Cretaceous, Carnivore and Herbivore Dinosaur Packs
  • Planet Zoo (2019)
    • Arctic Pack